Thursday, November 12, 2015

What Form Of Sugar Is Safe And How Can I Test If I Am Allergic To It?

Can I eat fructose, glucose and dextrose when they are all just sugar on the Candida Diet? 

These are all forms of sugar you would not wish to eat if you have a Candida yeast infection and bacterial infections, as eating sugar may be causing you to feel unwell, possibly adding to the stress of having Candida out of balance in your body. It would be best avoid these forms of sugar, except fructo-oliosaccharides as this form of sugar is beneficial to your good gut flora.

It is actually the infections that are craving for the sugars and simple carbohydrates. Therefore to eradicate them you must starve them of the food they desire the most, which will eventually lead to Cancer and other diseases.

Nearly everyone in our modern society is addicted to sugar. When you stop eating sugar, you stop craving it and you no longer get hungry all the time.

No form of commercial sugar is safe and sugar is the cause of all disease.  Sugar is even far more addictive than Heroine or Cocaine!

What about Fructo-Oligosaccharides - aren't they sugar too?

Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) are made from derivatives of sugar. These are a safe form of sugar that will not feed the bacteria or Candida yeast infection, or other micro-organisms which may be out of balance in your body at present.

FOS is a prebiotics that actually feeds health gut probiotics, such as Acidophilus.

It states it FOS is made from chicory but I should avoid Chicory due to this grain feeding Candida?

Chicory is an actual grain, and from years of empirical allergy testing by hundreds of Kinesiologists working with very allergic persons for many years, we have had no-one test positive to this when bacteria and Candida were out of balance in their body.

FOS is a sugar derived from Chicory, therefore it contains no actual substances from the original source. 

The FOS form of sugar has been extracted from particular nutrients or compounds from this substance. FOS is a completely safe sugar to eat when you are on the Candida Diet. FOS acts as a Prebiotic sweetener, feeding your healthy gut flora. 

Note: when a substance is “derived” from anything it does not contain the substance it is extracted from  Only a component of it.

Once again, test your body to see if the sugar from the FOS, or indeed the Chicory, is safe for you to eat.

Ask your body if it requires this, or if it is helpful, beneficial or harmful for your body?

Here is a simple food Allergy Test for testing Sugar, Gluten or other substance to see if they are good or bad for your body:


Grains contain gluten which feed bacteria and Candida, and are often contain simple carbohydrates which convert easily to sugar when eaten.

Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin.
Advanced Specialized Kinesiologist
Orgone Energy Australia

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thrush, Candida and Probiotics

Will Probiotics Kill My Candida Thrush Infection?

No, because that is not what probiotics do, as they are the good healthy flora or bacteria for you digestive system.

The most effective way to actually eradicate Candida or Thrush, is by taking Grapefruit Seed Extract, which is anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. You have "got the wrong end of the stick" if you think that putting the good gut flora back into your digestive tract is "killing" Candida!

How Do Probiotics Work?

For starters, Candida or Thrush grows all over the lining of your intestines and burrows into them with its long roots, causing holes in them, which allows undigested food particles to get through, causing "leaky gut", allergies and other immune system issues. The Candida grows and spreads rapidly over the lining of your intestines, leaving little space for your healthy gut flora to colonize there.

Then when you constantly feed Candida with processed foods, sugar, gluten, alcohol, yeast, etc this makes it grow faster and spread quicker, and makes you crave for more of these, to continue to feed it.

When Candida grows and spreads all over your intestines, more than 100 toxins are released into your body via your bloodstream (through its roots where it is burrowed into the lining of them) and into your blood stream, making you feel unwell, fatigued, tired, lethargic, reactive to EMF and radiation, overloads your liver, and a whole lot more.

Candida is often a pre-cursor to Cancer.

So What Do Probiotics Actually Do?

The idea of taking an effective Probioitic every day, is to recolonize your intestines with good flora so that there is little or no space for the Candida to go. Effectively, you are "crowding it out". Therefore a probiotic (good gut flora) cannot "kill" Candida or other infections.

When you have a Candida yeast infection, you lower your resistance, therefore you will always have other Bacterial infections present with this as well as parasites - these both go hand in hand with Thrush!

In order to effectively eradication or "kill" Candida, from my experience after 20 years of Clinical Practice, I have found the most effective product on the market for getting rid of Candida (and its related cravings for sugar, etc) is to take 10 drops twice daily of Grapefruit Seed Extract - it MUST be in the liquid form only - the capsules have one tenth of the strength!

The tricky thing is, that you have to be careful to not kill off your good gut flora when you eat your Progurt Probiotics. Therefore it is best to take these at least three hours apart from each other!

So Will Candida Go Away From Just Doing This?

Candida still has to have its underlying cause of it eliminated, otherwise you can "kill" it continually and be strict with your diet as much as you can, and not ever get rid of it until you get eliminate of the underlying cause of it in the first place. Kinergetics Kinesiology is the most effective system to do this.

What I discussed above is best done in conjunction with having all this balance with Kinergetics Kinesiology and Neurological Integration System (NIS), as it is very, very difficult to eliminate, and doing the above alone without balancing it energetically, structurally and emotionally.

Otherwise all you are doing is just keeping symptoms down.

Karen Winter

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Facts About Radiation In Phones

Dr Charles Teo, Leading Neurosurgeon in Australia says

 “I’m incredibly worried, concerned, depressed at the number of kids I’m seeing coming in with brain tumours. Recently I have seen nearly half a dozen kids with tumours which really should have been benign and they have all been nasty, malignant brain tumours. We are doing something terribly wrong.”

(Cell phone and Brain Tumours – 15 Reasons for Concern. August 25, 2009)

Radiation In Phones And Brain Tumours

Mobile phones and Cell Phones have become a necessity to most people. Phone companies have made their products an invaluable asset by including more and more applications to assist with communications.

The problem with this is with each application, more radiation exposure is created. The electromagnetic radiation is invisible and therefore any danger to this exposure is dismissed. Just watch this to learn more:


Dr Charlie Teo (head of neurosurgery at Sydney St. Vincent’s Hospital) and other doctors believe that there is a direct correlation between the use of mobile phones and brain tumours.

Long term exposure affects the body, particularly its electrical organ, and the brain, which is compounded by numerous simultaneous exposures of continuous waves of radiation from radio, TV transmitter towers, cordless phones, power lines and wireless WIFI computing devices.

There is a significant and increasing body of evidence, to date at least eight comprehensive clinical studies internationally and one long-term meta-analysis for a link between mobile phone usage and certain brain tumours.

The “incubation time” may be in the order of 10-20 years. In the years 2008-2012, we will have reached the appropriate length of follow-up time to begin to definitively observe the impact of this global technology on brain tumour incidence rates.

There is enough evidence available to warrant Industry and Governments alike to take immediate steps to reduce exposure of consumers to mobile phone related electromagnetic radiation and to make consumers clearly aware of the potential dangers and how to use this technology sensibly and safely.

The public health ramifications could be similar, if not greater than asbestos and smoking and directly concerns all of us, particularly the younger generation.

Because of our concern, we searched the world to find an effective product to help harmonize the level of EMR and EMF being emitted from mobile telephones, computers, televisions, microwaves and other home and office systems.  We found these:

Always use a Mobile Phone Wifi Computer Radiation Shield at all times when using any iPhone:

Tips on Safer Phone Usage

1. Do not sleep with mobile phone in your bedroom as it continuously emits phones give off 216.7 Hz of radiation continuously?

2. Always use your Mobile Cell iPhone on hands free or speak phone. Still not ideal, however, better than holding phone 5/8ths of an inch from your ear as all phone manufacturers recommend.

3. Cordless phones emit more radiation than mobiles; limit your time on the phone. The cordless phone base station is the equivalent to having a Cell Phone Tower in your home!

4. Do not store your iPhone or Smart phone anywhere on your body, such as in your suit pocket (over your heart), pants pocket (over your testicles) or back pocket (over you hip joints), and certainly not in the pram or anywhere near babies heads (as their thin skulls are way more susceptible to radiation). Keep your iPhone or Smart Phone in bag or place it into something.

5. Do not let young children play with your iPhone or Smart phone, or keep them occupied by talking or listening to them – not even the Games component unless there is no active SIM card or it is on Flight Mode.

6. Try not to use earpieces as they can act as a conduit to for radiation and EMF to travel directly to the ear and brain.

7. EMR and EMF has an accumulative effect on our bodies and become addictive. It is like smoking – try to be as aware as possible.

Showing Heat when with phone radiation to head

For further “Facts About Mobile And Cell Phone Radiation” and how to keep you and your family safe by reducing the harm of mobile and cell phones please go to:

Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin.
Orgone Energy Australia

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Best And Most Effective Way To Ionize And Alkaline Water Available

Does My Geoclense Orgone Generator Ionize And Alkaline Water?

If you have an under the bench or counter water filter installed, your water will be totally energized, ionized and turned into alkaline water automatically, due to the way your Geoclense Orgone Generator works.

It will work as a water ionizer for all of the water on your entire property, including all the water in your pipes, your grey water, black water and your sewerage, and any lakes, pond or water storage tanks.

Geoclense Plug In Water Ionizer Covers All Water On Your Entire Property

You may wish to place an Orgone Generator Plate beneath your installed water filter system, or place your filtered water on top of it, as this will ionize water and add a further zing to your drinking water. For our full range of Orgone Water Ionizers see

The more Orgone products you have in your home, the better the results you will experience. 

See what happened to Samera when she added more Orgone into her home and life, by reading her Progress Report explaining how all her symptoms of EMF Hyper Sensitivity went way in a very short space of time:

What Can I Use As A Water Ionizer When I Travel All The Time?

For anyone travelling a lot, then carrying an Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator with you in your briefcase, back pack or purse when you are flying to provide you with incredible protection.

An Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator will also work as your water ionizer while you travel, as you can stand your water bottle on top of your Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator to ionize it any time you require. You may also do the same with all your food and other drinks.

How Long Do I Stand My Water On My Water Ionizer For?

You only need to place your water on your Orgone Water Ionizer for only 30 seconds and your water will stay ionized for 12 hours. Otherwise you can leave your water filter or jugs of water on top your Orgone Water Ionizer all the time if you wish.

For in depth information about this, how long your Water Ionizer this takes to ionize your water, the amount of water, and more please read:

The Team
Orgone Energy Australia

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Restoring Health With A Candida Yeast Infection?

B vitamins I am currently taking are food grade so I am assuming these are acceptable?

This was only a suggestion that you stop taking supplements until your body heals, as we have found people have a severe Candida yeast infection, have a severely compromised gut and digestive system, therefore they cannot break down or absorb vitamins in tablet form.

As long as you do not swallow whole tablets, or the B Vitamins you are taking are in a liquid form you may get more benefit from taking them this way.  Otherwise dissolve your Vitamin B tablets in unsweetened apple or grapefruit juice before taking them, so that your body does not have to break them down.

Image of Fungal infection within the body showing how Candida grows and spreads

You Must Stop Feeding Your Candida Yeast Infection If You Want To Get Your Health And Energy Back

It is common for Candida to cause outbreaks on your face, as Candida causes your liver to become overloaded, making it difficult for your body to break down your hormones and other toxins. This is commonly what causes pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) and many menopausal issues.

This can all be balanced using Kinergetics Kinesiology, along with having your Hydration, Heavy Metals and Candida infection correct with Kinergetics.

Natural oils in nuts, seeds in food are essential. It is additional added oils like Coconut and olive oil that you add to cooking that you want to reduce at present, as these will clog up your liver, making your health worse until you clear up the Candida yeast infection.

We cook roast vegetables in a pan with a small amount of water and add coriander, cumin, turmeric, salt and zest of a lemon. Give this a try as it works well. Add lemon zest towards the end.

Are peas and butternut squash safe to eat on a Candida Diet, and can I also have organic humus from a supermarket and tzatziki? Can I still use balsamic vinegar?

Pumpkin is fine to eat on a Candida diet.  However, peas and corn are very high in sugar (or simple carbohydrates) which feed Candida, so are best avoided if you wish to improve your health.

Organic humus and tzatziki would be fine as long as they do not have vinegar added to them.

You are also best to avoid all forms of vinegar as this feeds the Candida yeast infection, due to being fermented and will not be great for improving your health. Vinegar, along with Gluten are extremely gut damaging, and will not assist the repair of your gut to repair and restore itself to good health, if you continue to consume these.

Apple Cider vinegar is beneficial for treating Candida.

How about gluten-free oats as in muesli and oat cakes?

Grains highest in gluten are: wheat, rye, oats and barley and all these must be avoided if you want your health to improve quickly.

Oats are not gluten free, as they are very high in gluten, which will hinder improvements to your health.

Would Colloidal Silver Improve My Health And Get Rid Of Candida?

Your may have had your Candida yeast infection for a long time, even all your life if you got it from your mother before birth.  Bacterial infections are always present with Candida, this may be what is affecting your levels of health and wellness.

If you constantly feed the bacterial infections (with the same foods that feed Candida), with the cravings for chocolate, sugar and refined foods, you will not get your health to improve quickly.

You must take something stronger and more effective to get eliminate both the bacterial infections and the Candida yeast infection, such as Grapefruit Seed Extract to improve your health faster.

You can continue to take the Colloidal Silver too if you wish.  However, in 24 years of clinical experience treating clients with Candida, we have not seen any effective results with treating Candida with Colloidal Silver.

Kinergetics Kinesiology Is The Best Solution For Improving Your Health

You may require to have your body’s Hydration corrected with Kinergetics Kinesiology, so that your body can eliminate toxins more easily and this will improve your health quickly.  This will assist your body to eliminate of the underlying cause of your Candida yeast infection, which is most often due to Mercury and Heavy Metals in your body.

Unless you have Candida yeast infection energetically and emotionally balanced, and strictly follow the Candida diet, it will take you a very long time to get well and restore your health back to normal otherwise.

Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin.


Health, Candida And Electromagnetic Sensitivity

How Well Do I Need To Follow A Candida Diet To Improve My Health

Monday, August 24, 2015

Self Assessment For Lyme Disease

Do I Have Lyme Disease?

Due to the very nature of Lyme Disease, inadequate testing for it and the difficulty in diagnosing or testing it, please advise which Pathogens you were tested for and which Laboratory you used to have your tests done and what other associated tests were done at the same time?

Unfortunately the Orgone Products alone are not enough to eradication this nasty disease, but will be a very large part of the treatment protocol, and a great to heal you and protect you! If you do indeed have Lyme Disease this would explain why you are having the reactions you are experiencing as the Orgone Products along cannot eradicate this!

In order to assess yourself to see if this is what may be affecting you, please go through and answer the following Questionnaire. If you have a high level of positive answers to the questions below, please have further testing done, preferably with a Lyme Literate Doctor.

Check List For Lyme Disease And/Or Related Co-Infections

These infections often go misdiagnosed due to inadequate testing or false negatives due to the nature of this disease therefore a Clinical evaluation as well as consequent testing is appropriate to adequately evaluation anyone affected by this disease.

Have you ever been in a tick infected area or remember being bitten by a tick? Have you seen ticks on pets, animals or self?

Have you ever been bitten by any insect, e.g. mosquitoes, fleas, lice, flies, spiders, etc?

Have you frequently been outdoors hiking, camping, fishing, gardening or hunting?

Have you ever had a “bull’s eye” rash or any other rashes or hot itchy skin all over the body?

Have you ever received a blood transfusion?

Have you ever ingested raw milk or partially cooked meat products?

Have you ever had any of these Lyme Disease Symptoms?

1. Unexplained fevers, night or days sweats, chills or flushing?

2. Unexplained weight change – loss or gain?

3. Fatigue, tiredness, poor stamina or loss of power in muscles?

4. Unexplained excess hair loss?

5. Swollen glands anywhere in the body

6. Sore throats

7. Testicular pain or Pelvic pain (men)

8. Unexplained Menstrual irregularity, breast and pelvic pain (women)

9. Irritable bladder, bladder pain or bladder dysfunction

10. Sexual dysfunction, loss of libido or sexual contact with anyone who has Lyme Disease

11. Upset stomach and nausea

12. Change in bowel function such as diarrhoea or constipation

13. Chest pain or sore ribs

14. Shortness of breath, air hunger or cough

15. Heart palpitations, pulse skips, heart block, heart murmur or valve prolapsed

16. Joint pain or swelling in joints

17. Stiffness of joints, neck or back

18. Muscle pain or cramps

19. Twitch of the face or other muscles, facial paralysis (Bells Palsy)

20. Headaches

21. Creaking and cracking of the neck, neck stiffness or neck pain

22. Tingling, numbness, burning, sharp shooting stabbing pain

23. Eyesight deterioration, blurriness and light sensitivity

24. Buzzing or ringing of the ears, ear pain and sound sensitivity

25. Increased motion sickness, vertigo and balance issues

26. Oversensitivity to radiation, EMF, Smart Meters, Cell phones or other forms of harmful energy

27. Light headedness and wooziness

28. Tremors

29. Confusion, difficulty thinking and speaking, inability to function and co-ordinate

30. Difficulty concentration or reading

31. Forgetfulness, poor short-term memory

32. Disorientation, getting lost and going to wrong places

33. Difficulty with speech, words, typing, writing or work block

34. Mood swing with irritability and depression

35. Disturbed sleep such as too much, too little, waking to early or difficulty going back to sleep

36. Exaggerated symptom s or reactions worse hangover from alcohol

Yours sincerely,Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin.
Orgone Energy Australia

Monday, August 17, 2015

How Do Orgone Generators Improve My Sleep?

​Why does my Dome Orgone Generator cause me to sleep longer than usual? I read that it improves sleep, but shouldn't it take a shorter amount of sleep time to recharge?

This occurs when your body requires energy healing, or when you are sleep deprived as many people are. Most people in our modern cities are actually sleep deprived and do not know it, often due to going to bed too late.

This may also occur when you have underlying health issues that you may not be aware of, such as adrenal stress. Your Dome Orgone Generator is working on healing you. You will find that you will sleep less after some time.

Many health issues develop in the aura, chakras and energy fields long before they show in the Physical Body. This is often what is being by these powerful Energy Healing Products. They also balance of your chakras.

Orgone Energy increases my heartbeat and has an overcharge effect on me. Is this because entities may be connected my previous Orgonite devices perhaps? Orgonium feels much better. Does this mean that entities are connected to the production of such devices?

When you go out in nature this does not increase your heart rate unless you are working out or exercising. Therefore, Orgone Energy would not and cannot do this either, as is it only beneficial Negative Ion resonance such as you find on the beach, in the mountains for besides a waterfall, for example.

Orgone Energy would not and does not increase your heart rate as it is the same energy you find in nature. However, when entities are present, they are very likely to increase your heart rate as they do not like the Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies.

Entities cannot attach themselves to Orgonium Orgone Products as it is the incorrect energy frequencies for them, as they do not like nor vibrate to Negative Ion frequencies. However, it is extremely common for entities to attach themselves to Orgonite as they love the harmful Positive Ions that they accumulate and we have found this situation often occurring.

Schumann Waves Or Schumann Frequencies

Some of the frequencies generated are the Schumann Frequencies are 7.83 Hz to 4.5Hz and the 528hz frequencies. Are these infused in the Geoclense as well as the Orgone Pendants?

All the Orgonium Orgone Products generate Schumann Frequencies of 7.83 to 4.5 hertz including the Orgone Pendants which are "Stand Alone Negative Ion Technology" (S.A.N.I.T.). This does not change the hertz frequencies.

All of the Orgonium Orgone Products are infused with exactly the same energy infusion. The Orgonium Orgone Products actually resonate at a higher frequency than 7.83 Hz.

For every Positive Ion Frequency Orgonium counters, there must be an equal and opposite Negative Ion Resonance Frequency to harmonize them. Therefore memory cards contain new frequencies to neutralize new types of energy. Is this correct?

Anything that is missing an electron has a positive charge. This means that any and all Radio Frequencies (RF), microwaves, Earth Magnetic Radiation, Ectoplasm Imprinting, and all other forms of harmful energy are harmonized this way.

There are many forms of harmful energy threats that require harmonizing in many other ways. Therefore our Technical Advisor does a lot of research as other ways of stopping these harmful energy attacks are required than just counter-acting Positive Ions. This is why regular Memory Card upgrades are required every few years.

So Orgone Generators would not produce an overcharge effect unless you had too many of them very close to you all the time?

Yes this may happen. But you would have to be wearing 12 Orgone Pendants at a time as we found one customer to be doing, or have 10 Geoclense Negative Ion Generators plugged into your home.

The reason we do not use higher frequencies is this would be over-stimulating for everyone and you would not sleep, rest or relax. This is why we do not using much higher Schumann Frequencies as it would be like drinking way too much caffeine.

Yours sincerely,
The Team
Orgone Energy Australia