Friday, October 8, 2010

Orgonium Orgone Energy Protection Is Much Safer For Noxious EMF's

Introducing Our Amazing New Orgonium Dome Orgone Energy | Schumann Generator Neutralizer

Orgonium technology is much safer and much more effective in eliminating geopathic stress and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF'S) than toxic Organite.

We have released a new Dome Orgone Energy | Schumann Generator Neutralizer which is a fantastic area neutralizer.

This product has been found to have far better harmonizing and neutralizing specific areas or locations which have stress as it is a more targeted Area Neutalizer.

This great new Dome Orgone Energy | Schumann Generator Neutralizer is capable of protecting you not only from Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and all other forms of geopathic stresses that our Geoclense EMR Harmonizer covers, but on a smaller and more targeted scale.

The new Dome Orgone Energy | Schumann Generator Neutralizer also compensates for any orgonite devices which you may previously have purchased lying around in drawers and cupboards that you may have forgotten about. It is capable of harmonizing a three bedroom home.

For larger homes, we recommend that you install multiple area neutralizers. The Orgone Energy | Schumann Generator Dome Neuralizer is ideal for your office, workplace or holiday home to keep you protected at all times, or even to take with you when you go on holiday to protect you whilst flying, travelling or to use in your hotel room or where ever you are staying while you are away.

Or just carry the Dome Orgone Energy | Schumann Generator Neutralizer in your handbag while you go shopping to keep you protected from all those noxious energies in supermarkets and shopping centres.

If you want to know more information regarding the difference between Orgonium technology and the harmful effects of Organite, please read the attached article or you can read it at or subscribe to our newsletter at and receive a Free Research document.

Orgonite Review

Several weeks ago, I had an independent energy sensitive Geomancer examine my home to assess the Orgone Energy devices that I have installed. He said that he really liked the stress free home and felt there was a gentle, more relaxed happy ambience.

He went through the home using the dowsing rods and even though most of the home felt nice, he observed that there was some kind of an issue of imbalance in my kitchen. The dowsing rods eventually led him to one specific point being the kitchen sink. He opened the cupboard under the sink where I have a reverse osmosis water purification system, and put his hand around the back of the water tank, removing an Orgone Device which I had planted there to de-stress the pure water and said "there’s your problem". He told me to take the device outside and he then re-tested the kitchen and there was no fault.

I personally noticed when I re-entered my home that it was much easier to breathe - it felt MUCH fresher and I was quite stunned by this point. What we have observed here is an issue of old Orgone Devices versus much newer ones using more advanced unique technology and materials. The device that was pointing at my water tank was purchased 12 years ago, and it was an Orgonite Device.

They were the best most effective devices available at the time for partly relieving geopathic stress, but have since been superceded by more effective, safer technology using solid state ion generators made from orgonium. All of the geopathic stress devices in my home are made with the new Orgonium technology.

The Geomancer explained to me that the old Orgonite Devices initially generated the negative ions which are needed for good health, but then after some time generate positive ions which are dangerous. They also emit ions much like a capacitor, which is dangerous to our health. It is far better having a device where the negative ions are consistently released (permanently) rather than intermittently. Greg H. Melbourne, April 2010

We know that you will be more than impressed with the level of improvement in your health and well-being, using our amazing Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance Energy Protection products, made using our unique Orgonium technology.

Yours sincerely,

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin, AKA, KNA, NAET
Orgone Energy Australia

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