Monday, May 26, 2014

Orgonite Makes Plants Grow Fast, Weak And Spindly!

What Orgonite does to plants it is makes the grow fast but very weak, poor quality and spindly! 

Positive Ions will do this to plants, as you will see Nuclear Radiation does this too (high density Positive Ions!) and look how well everything grows - really well with all the added extras too!  Toxic Orgonite can never, ever produce a good protective sphere of energy for plants and will cause them to grow this way too!
Our Technical Advisor has done a lot of research into this as he originally was making Orgonite. However, many of us began to feel very, very unwell when Orgonite was around us, and other Kinesiologists testing it were getting shocking results - some saying not to even bring it near them at all or telling him to take it away and get it out of the room/building fast!!!  So he wondered what was wrong, and as we are both extremely energy sensitive he did more research.

Orgonite does start producing beneficial Negative Ions initially, however most producers of Orgonite don't do enough research, and are not Energy Sensitive enough, to discover that eventually it absorbs the harmful Positive Ions and then becomes a constant solid state generator harmful Positive Ion Generators. Now that is not what you want, and most people making Orgonite are not energy sensitive!

Actually in the Video you show on your blog, it is the persons intent that has destroyed the tomatoes and making the seeds sprout, just like Nuclear Radiation from Fukishima would? It is the intent of the person not the Orgonite that is actually being demonstrated here. However, the plant's energy is extremely low, contributed by Orgonite.

A Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Mutant Tomato

The comparison here would be like a kid doing well at school only because the parents beat him! Not really something good nor positive to promote or put on your blog!!!

The "Crest Seed" experiment is different. That experiment shows the harmful effects of Wireless or WiFi Radiation which means the speeds growing closest to the WiFi Radiation did not sprout, and the ones growing away from the radiation grew normally. However, if you pplace a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator, beside the WiFi modem where the seeds did not grow to harmonize the radiation, then the seeds will grow.

As advised previously, Orgonite makes plants grow very poorly, sickly and weak.   Do a comparison with one of our Orgonium Orgone Generators in one location with a plant, with an Orgonite Generator in another location with a plant, and you will see a massive difference. Note that this would have to be done on two entire different properties, as the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator is so powerful it would harmonize the toxic effects of the Orgonite.

Unhealthy Positive Ions are causing the tomatoes to be extremely stressed, fearful of their lack of survival which is what causes the seeds in their fruit to sprout before ripening.  This is not because Orgonite is healthy but because it is unhealthy.

See the above image of tomato affected by harmful Positive Ions from Fukishima and you will see what I mean, and them read our description below.

Orgonium Orgone Energy technology is the closest you will get to Wilheim Reich's Orgonomy!

The Team
Orgone Energy Australia

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