Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Best And Most Effective Way To Ionize And Alkaline Water Available

Does My Geoclense Orgone Generator Ionize And Alkaline Water?

If you have an under the bench or counter water filter installed, your water will be totally energized, ionized and turned into alkaline water automatically, due to the way your Geoclense Orgone Generator works.

It will work as a water ionizer for all of the water on your entire property, including all the water in your pipes, your grey water, black water and your sewerage, and any lakes, pond or water storage tanks.

Geoclense Plug In Water Ionizer Covers All Water On Your Entire Property

You may wish to place an Orgone Generator Plate beneath your installed water filter system, or place your filtered water on top of it, as this will ionize water and add a further zing to your drinking water. For our full range of Orgone Water Ionizers see

The more Orgone products you have in your home, the better the results you will experience. 

See what happened to Samera when she added more Orgone into her home and life, by reading her Progress Report explaining how all her symptoms of EMF Hyper Sensitivity went way in a very short space of time:

What Can I Use As A Water Ionizer When I Travel All The Time?

For anyone travelling a lot, then carrying an Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator with you in your briefcase, back pack or purse when you are flying to provide you with incredible protection.

An Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator will also work as your water ionizer while you travel, as you can stand your water bottle on top of your Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator to ionize it any time you require. You may also do the same with all your food and other drinks.

How Long Do I Stand My Water On My Water Ionizer For?

You only need to place your water on your Orgone Water Ionizer for only 30 seconds and your water will stay ionized for 12 hours. Otherwise you can leave your water filter or jugs of water on top your Orgone Water Ionizer all the time if you wish.

For in depth information about this, how long your Water Ionizer this takes to ionize your water, the amount of water, and more please read:

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